Tracker: brand and business

Which brands and businesses are on the tip of everyone's tongue this month?


D-CYFOR conducts a UK brand and business tracker survey to ascertain which brands and businesses have caught the general public's eye over the last month.


Our latest May 2018 survey reveals the top five answers are:

Facebook                  (18%)  (-15)

Amazon                     (9%)    (-1)

Sky                             (6%)    (+5)

Asda/Sainsbury’s    (6%)    (+6)

Virgin                          (5%)    (+4)


All results are after don’t know answers have been excluded.

All +/- figures indicate changes from the previous survey date. In this case April 2018.

Click on the link to see a full breakdown of the results.

Fieldwork Completed: 21.05.2018

Interview Method: Online

Verbatim Responses

Representative sample of UK adults 18+ (1050)

D-CYFOR is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules​

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