Job interviews  and being a parent 

In a job interview most people fear that dreaded curve-ball question; the one that has you racking your brains for something suitably intelligent yet unique to say. However what happens when your children are bought into the equation?


A newly released employment survey by D-CYFOR reveals that 20% of parents admit to having been asked during a job interview about how having children will affect their ability to work.

This figure increases to 26% when it comes to mothers whereas it decreases to 13% for fathers. 

Click on the link to see a full breakdown of the results. 

Fieldwork Completed: 28.06.2017
Interview Method: Online
Representative sample of UK parents 18+ (767)

All results were weighted to reflect the profile of UK adults

Due to the effects of rounding some figures may not equal 100

D-CYFOR is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules

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